Benchmarks & Tests

We benchmark a wide range of devices, hardware, platforms and software.
We use our own Rocksolid Engine and publish results on our own comparison platform.


Completely New Benchmark with Many New Features

Basemark GPU

Cross-platform graphics performance benchmark

Basemark Web

Web browser performance testing tool

Power Board

Objective ranking platform for smartphones, tablets, PCs and notebooks with customizable, easy-to-compare workloads


GPUScore benchmark will introduce hyper realistic, true gaming type of content in three different workloads: Relic of Life, Sacred Path and Expedition. GPUScore Relic of Life is the First Benchmark in the Market that Benchmarks Ray Tracing with Windows & DirectX 12 and Linux & Vulkan.


Basemark GPU

Basemark GPU is an evaluation tool for analyzing and measuring graphics API performance across all major operating systems and graphics APIs. Basemark GPU targets desktop, mobile and embedded platforms by providing three different quality modes.


Basemark Web 3.0 is a comprehensive web browser performance benchmark that tests how well your mobile or desktop system can use modern web based applications. This benchmark includes various system and graphic tests that use the newest web standards and features. After running the benchmark, you’ll see how your system performed compared to other systems and browsers in Basemark Power Board. Basemark Web 3.0 measures real-world client-side performance to detect browser bottlenecks.

Basemark GPU


Power Board is an objective ranking site for smartphones, tablets, PCs and notebooks with easy-to-compare functions. We rank benchmark scores collected from hundreds of thousands of users worldwide who have used Basemark’s benchmarking software.