Next generation gaming benchmark suite


Breaking Limit

The true cross-platform ray tracing benchmark


In Vitro

Benchmark for raytracing capable mobile devices


Relic of Life

Graphics benchmark for raytracing capable systems


The Expedition

Graphics benchmark for mobile devices and tablets


Sacred Path

True cross-platform benchmark for mobile and PC

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Next Generation Benchmarking Suite

GPUScore offers a complete set of cutting-edge gaming benchmarks designed for various devices, spanning from mobile devices to high-performance desktops.

Since 2015, Basemark’s graphics benchmarking division, now known as GPUScore, has been a leader in creating accurate and reliable GPU benchmarks that utilize the latest technology, meeting the needs of both consumers and businesses.

  • Graphics benchmarks with game like content
  • Reliable and accurate benchmarks
  • Benchmarks for a wide range of devices, operating systems and APIs

How it works

Stress test your PC, tablet, or mobile device to see how well it is performing or measure the impacts of upgrades or overclocking.

Download Benchmark

Download benchmark of choice from our website or on any common app store.

Run Benchmark

Run the benchmark with preferred graphics settings.

Review & Compare

Check your result and compare the performance against other devices, operating systems, and APIs in the Powerboard.

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Download GPUScore Benchmarks

Relic of Life

Ray tracing benchmark

Graphics benchmark for ray tracing capable PCs and laptops.

Free Download
The expedition

The Expedition

Mobile device graphics benchmark

Graphics benchmark for high-end smartphones.

Free Download

Sacred Path

Cross-platform benchmark

Cross-platform graphics benchmark for all types of devices.

Free Download

In Vitro

Mobile device ray tracing benchmark

Graphics benchmark for ray tracing capable mobile devices.

Free Download
Breaking Limit

Breaking Limit

Ray tracing benchmark

Cross-platform ray tracing benchmark for all ray tracing capable devices.

Free Download


Targeting a wide range of systems, GPUScore can be run on Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS and Linux. Based on Rocksolid® architecture, the APIs supported in GPUScore are DirectX 12, Vulkan and Metal.


GPUScore workloads utilize Rocksolid® rendering engine. Rocksolid® engine enables deployment to multiple different operating systems and use of all modern graphics APIs.

Learn more about GPUScore

Download the GPUScore whitepaper to learn more about application benchmarking and GPUScore.

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Benchmark Development Program

The Basemark® GPUScore benchmarking tool has been developed in close cooperation with leading semiconductor companies. Our partners, such as Samsung, Imagination Technologies, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, all participate in Basemark’s Benchmark Development Program (BDP).

We welcome all the interested to join our program as a partner, let us know and we will be in contact!

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